the Luken story

"The idea for Luken Furniture was born with my son in 2015. With the sole purpose of cleaning my footprint in the world where he was going to be raised. Therefore, I named the brand after him, that way I would not get distracted by the purpose of this new brand.

I started designing kids' furniture, which Luken still enjoys, now we do grown-up furniture and very recently we have pivoted into using disposed of material in our architectural projects. In these projects, the volumes of material used are larger. We upcycle up to a ton of disposed material in a 70-roof garden in Mexico City.

To date, we have recycled 16 tons of disposed material, HDPE plastic and Tetrapak combined. That is 98 years of a family´s waste. I could stop now since my goal has been achieved and doubled but now that I have seen the positive impact I can do, I can´t stop.

We´ve been longlisted in Dezeen awards for both sustainable furniture and best design for Luken design. We also won several design awards like the IDA design award from the USA and Mexico City design awards.
Luken is a B company-certified company for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). "

Mother and child with child arms around her