blue round table 80mm diameter circular table 80mm blue
Mesa Circular
blue round table-002 blue round table 80mm
Sustainable furniture made from industrial waste
blue round table 80mm
Style and substance
A beautiful sunset over a calm ocean with two furniture tables placed on the water bank.
To date, we've recycled a total of 1,817,220 HDPE bottles = 9.8 tons of waste.
Three furniture tables on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean.
Our primary mission: To rid our oceans and rivers of plastic waste. We achieve this by designing furniture that incorporates recycled plastic, promoting responsible waste management.
A logo of FedEx with the text "2020 winner" written below it.
Logo for the IDA Design Awards, featuring sleek typography and a modern, minimalist design.
Certified B entrepreneur logo.
Premio Mix 2018 - Dísena Mexico: A vibrant image showcasing the prestigious Premio Mix 2018 event in Mexico.

More about Luken

Discover a sustainable solution for our community. By collaborating with brands to manage their waste responsibly, we create eco-friendly products that make a meaningful impact on environmental issues around us.

A graphic showcasing various forms of green energy, including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. Our focus at Luken is on biomass